Morbius Director Explains Who He Would Like To See In A Sequel

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In the wake of 2008’s “Iron Man,” “Morbius” may be the most perplexing comic book movie ever. In the end, it’s anyone’s guess whether or not the public will fall for Leto’s Dr. Michael Morbius in the same manner that they loved Robert Downey Jr.’s -Tony Stark. “Morbius” is notable because of its links to other recent Sony products, such as Venom and a particular Marvel Cinematic Universe figure, who is mentioned in the trailer.

This new Spider-verse and its connections to the Marvel Cinematic Universe appear to be more of a mystery than an answer to those who have seen the film, especially now that we ‘ve noticed 3 distinct Spider-Men from completely seperate time frames, neither of whom has yet interacted with anybody else from the Venom-Morbius world. “Morbius” is Sony’s effort to modify the game, and the movie’s finale suggests that there may be more crossovers in the future.

In the future, Daniel Espinosa, the director of “Morbius,” has disclosed the villainous group he would most want to see Morbius face up with. To conclude “Morbius,” we see the Vulture enter this universe of Morbius & Venom, probably as a direct result of the mayhem that occurred in “Spiderman: No Way Home.”

Director Daniel Espinosa would want to see Morbius face off against Spidermans’s archenemy, as he said to Variety. “In my opinion, Norman Osborn is a fascinating character. That’s a very different concept, and it’s like if you were to abandon the Sinister Six and go in a completely other direction. In my opinion, what Kevin Feige did so well was to take many of the myths and choose various elements of them, as well as to realize the movie may start in any order.”

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