Here Is Everything We Know About Riverdale Season 7

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There’s no denying that Riverdale Season 7 has already piqued the interest of fans. CW, on the other hand, has taken action far more quickly than anybody imagined. CW renewed the program for a seventh season just a few episodes into the sixth. One thing is for sure: the seventh season of the adolescent drama is coming. This is the correct location if you’re a fan of Riverdale and want to know what’s going on with Season 7. Check out our latest Riverdale Season 7 updates right here.


The CW issued an official statement regarding the show’s renewal on March 22nd. They’ve added Riverdale Season 7 to their list of upcoming shows for 2022-2023. The CW made no mention of this episode is the series’ last one. However, based on the words given by the casting team before, we may presume that Riverdale will be ending soon.

Release date

There is currently no news about the launch date of Riverdale Season 7. However, given that season 6 is still airing, we may expect Riverdale Season 7 to be quite some time away. Season 7 may still materialize at the end of the year, despite the fact that production has resumed after multiple pauses due to the epidemic.

Is this the last season?

When it comes to knowing whether this is Riverdale’s last season, there are a few good guesses. For the first time back in 2020, speculations began to circulate that the contracts of the main actors would expire after season seven, which KJ Apa had revealed in an interview. Lili Reinhart’s Instagram live announcement at the end of 2021 that season 7 would be the last sparked a wave of curiosity. Cole Sprouse also hinted at the conclusion of the deal in an interview with Entertainment Tonight only a few days later.

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