Google Works to Make the Play Store More Suitable for Foldable Phones and Tablets

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The Google Play Store is home to a massive amount of content, from apps and games to e-books, music, wallpapers, and pretty much anything else you can think of. There are millions of apps and games in the official Android marketplace, and most of them are free to use. Under such circumstances, it’s obvious that it’s in Google’s best interest to do its best to keep the store up-to-date in matching the latest requirements of the users.

The use of foldable phones is on the rise, and tablets are still getting a lot of love. It’s completely understandable. The displays are larger, which means more space for maneuvering and doing your thing online or offline.

Major changes are awaited in the Google Play Store

Google itself announced through its Developers blog that it’s working on some important changes for its Play Store in order to adapt it to larger displays. Here’s a part of the announcement:

As demand continues to accelerate, we’re seeing users doing more than ever on large screens, from socializing and playing games, to multitasking and getting things done. To help people get the most from their devices, we’re making big changes in Google Play to enable users to discover and engage with high quality apps and games.

Three main updates are awaited for the online store: device-specific reviews and ratings, ranking and profitability changes, as well as alerts for low-quality apps.

The first main type of update refers to the possibility of seeing ratings or reviews that are split by device type. For instance, we can consider Chrome OS, tablets and foldable gadgets, or Auto. In this way, users are expected to make better decisions regarding which apps are better for them.

Google never seems to take a break from updating its “toys,” and we can only be happy about that!

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