You Can Get Major Discounts If You Buy Samsung’s New Galaxy S22 Phone

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As expected, 2022 starts for Samsung with brand new flagship phones built by the famous tech giant. The Galaxy S22 lineup will launch in just a few days, and we already find out that we can get our hands on the phones at discounted prices

The three new Samsung models are Galaxy S22, S22+, as well as the S22 Ultra gadget. They were officially revealed on February 9. Powerful cameras and Exynos 2200 processors can be considered the main highlights of Samsung’s new lineup. Of course, 5G is also there, which is more like a standard nowadays.

Samsung’s new offer is available until February 24

According to CNN, you have time until February 24 to get your hands on a discounted Galaxy S22 from Samsung. You can already preorder either of the three phones. The standard S22 costs $799, the S22+ is worth $999, while the S22 Ultra costs $1.199. The amazing part is that the South Korean giant offers the chance to benefit from an upgrade to the next storage size and a Samsung gift card of $100 if you choose the S22 model or a $150 credit if you opt for the S22+ device. As for the S22 Ultra model, that can give you the chance of getting both the upgraded storage and a credit of $200.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is not amazing just for its key specifications. The Dual SIM with eSIM will also be present on Samsung’s new lineup, as reveals. However, we all must keep in mind that the camera setups present on the upcoming phones are likely to take the cake. They pretty much indicate that Samsung is leading the way for even more powerful cameras in the near future that will be mounted on smartphones.

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