Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Has Been Delayed Until 2023

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At the Game Awards 2021, a new trailer was shown, and it looked like it was close to being done and ready for the public. Suicide Squad was previously scheduled to be released in 2022, but Warner Bros. decided they needed more time for it. Then, we’ve learned that the delay was confirmed by the people that were familiar with the development, but Warner Bros. did not confirm the news officially. But it is safe to say that if that’s, indeed, true, fans will be disappointed.

These are all rumors, and we should take them with a pinch of salt. But according to a Twitter thread, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar has talked about their plans for 2022, and they’ve confirmed “a full slate of highly anticipated games.” We’ve seen names like Gotham Knights and Hogwarts Legacy, but no news about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. But we wouldn’t worry about it. Warner Bros. will not wait an entire year without a game release. Both Gotham Knights and Hogwarts Legacy have been delayed numerous times, and they will be released pretty soon.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is set for release for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X&S. The game will not be available for the last-generation consoles.

Suicide Squad will be an open-world game, set in Metropolis. Sefton Hill, creative director at Rocksteady, has talked about “powerful, awesome gunplay.” The story will put the characters “on a collision course with an invading alien force and DC Super Heroes who are now laser-focused on destroying the city they once vowed to protect.” So far, we know for sure that Harley Quinn, King Shark, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang will be part of the game. You will be able to customize them with unique abilities and weapons

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