You Can Protect Your PC From Ransomware Through Microsoft’s Built-In Function

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Ransomware is one of the most terrible types of viruses that someone can deal with. It installs into the victim’s PC and blocks access to all files. The only apparent solution is to pay the hacker an amount of money for regaining access to the files.

The cyber attackers can even ask a person for hundreds of thousands of dollars after they’ve conquered the PC using a ransomware attack. But luckily enough, there are some sure ways of getting rid of a ransomware virus.

Windows 10 and 11 has a built-in feature for tackling ransomware attacks

The Verge explains how we can get rid of a ransomware virus through Microsoft’s built-in feature that we can find in Windows 10 and Windows 11: it’s called Windows Security.

To benefit from it, head over to ‘Settings’, then access ‘Privacy and Security’, and ultimately hit ‘Windows Security’.

The next step is to select “Virus and threat protection” and hit the “Manage ransomware protection” option. In that area, you must access “Controlled folder access” and switch it on.

Unfortunately, not only PC owners are affected by ransomware. Here’s what has to say regarding the infection of portable gadgets:

Hackers have been taking advantage of mobile device features such as emergency alerts and relaxed permissions to spread malware. The majority of mobile ransomware variants have the ability to cover every browser window or app with a ransom note, rendering the mobile device unusable.

After all, this shouldn’t surprise any of us, as smartphones have been through tremendous popularity in recent years.

The whole process of getting rid of ransomware may seem complicated, but it’s sure worth taking your time to get rid of that pesky ransomware.

Feel free to read the full guidance on The Verge!

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