YouTube Premium Becomes Cheaper

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Sure, using countless content on YouTube for free is a dream come true. But what about those annoying ads that nobody likes? Well, nobody except for those under the partnership to display the ads themselves. Suddenly, the idea of purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription becomes a lot more interesting.

Of course, we have to admit that not everyone likes to pay just for using YouTube. A Premium account is usually $11.99 per month. Except for getting rid of the ads, such a subscription will also allow you watch and listen to your favorite content in the background.

But YouTube Premium just got discounted, according to

$108 per year for a YouTube Premium subscription

Those willing to buy a YouTube Premium subscription can now get it for $108 per year. If you paid every month for the service, you would have to bring $144 per year from your pocket.

But don’t open the champagne just yet. First of all, you must be a new customer to benefit from the offer.

You must also keep in mind that the annual subscription option is available only in the following countries: the US, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Japan, India, and Thailand.

Perhaps the most important thing is that you won’t get to benefit from a partial refund if you cancel the deal, either. This is Google’s way of assuring that once you’re in for the subscription, you can’t go back. And it’s understandable!

You’ll have to analyze the situation as much as you can before deciding if you’re in for the annual deal or not. Such a chance can come once in a lifetime. If your answer is ‘yes’, feel free to head over to the sign up page.

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