Supposed Microsoft Edge Update is Actually Ransomware

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Microsoft Edge is one of the best browsers available out there. It can surely be considered a worthy competitor for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and others. Microsoft is also pretty generous with the updates, making Edge a reliable and stable browser.

But not every update is also useful. Or at least not every update that pretends to be for a certain app. It’s also the case for a faulty update that’s supposedly for Microsoft’s browser. But instead, it will only infect your computer with ransomware, according to the Malwarebytes blog. The source writes:

Last week, Malwarebytes’ Threat Intelligence worked with nao_sec researchers to investigate a recently-discovered update to the Magnitude Exploit Kit that was duping users with a fake Microsoft Edge browser update.

The blog also explains more about how it all works:

The Magnitude exploit kit uses a grab-bag of social engineering lures and exploits to attack web users and install ransomware on their computers. Although Magnitude has been used to target different geographies and deliver different kinds of ransomware in the past, these days it is strictly focussed on installing Magniber ransomware on targets in South Korea.

Microsoft Edge was specially built for Windows 10, the operating system launched in 2015. Therefore, you must not be surprised if the browser works significantly faster than Chrome, Mozilla, or other browsers. Edge has a lot of useful features, and perhaps the best one is the translation feature. What does it mean? Simple: each time you visit a webpage that’s in a language you don’t know, you can use Edge’s feature to translate the content in your own language.

Let’s face it: neither of us knows all of the languages on Earth! Roughly 6,500 languages are spoken in the world today. That’s why the feature of Microsoft Edge is so useful!


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