3G Networks Will Shut Down Soon

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A lot of folks were happy about 3G networks, pretty much at the same level of enthusiasm as people are when it comes to 5G today. But the stakes will be raised even higher, as 6G networks will also be dominating the world.

According to CNBC.com, 3G networks are shutting down soon to leave room for superior networks. As you’ve already guessed, those advanced networks are 5G and 6G. And that moment when the good old 3G will become history is closer than you think.

No more 3G in 2022

The source mentioned above not only tells the world that 3G networks will become history in 2022. Perhaps the even worse news is that, according to the same source, our cars might be affected by the move. How? Simple: some vehicles won’t be able to connect anymore with our smartphones or emergency call services. Other cars will even lose the ability to keep you up-to-date with traffic data while navigating.

Major mobile carriers plan to shut down their 3G networks. Multiple auto blogs announced that the shutdown of 3G will affect dozens of cars released between 2010 and 2021.

Behold a list of affected models, as revealed by CNBC.com:


MDX models between 2014 and 2017
ILX (2016-2017)
RDX (2016-2017)
RDX (2019-2021)
RLX (2014-2016)
TLX (2015-2017)
NSX (2017)


A3 e-Tron (2016-2018)
A4/Allroad (2013-2018)
A5 (2013-2018)
A6 (2012-2015)
A7 (2012-2015)
A8 (2012-2018)
RS 5 (2019)
Q3 (2015-2018)
Q5 (2013-2018)
Q7 (2012-2018)


Altima (2016-2017)
GT-R (2017-2018)
Maxima (2016-2017)
2017 Murano
2017 Pathfinder
Rogue (2016-2017)
Rogue Sport (2017-2018)
Sentra (2016-2018)
TITAN (2016-2017) and 2017 TITAN XD
Certain 2011-2015 LEAF electric vehicles with upgraded 3G telematics units


4Runner (2010-2019)
Avalon (2013-2018)
Camry (2013-2017)
Highlander (2014-2018)
Land Cruiser (2011-2017)
Mirai (2016-2017)
Prius (2010-2016)
Prius Plug-in (2012-2015)
Prius V (2012-2016)
RAV4 EV (2012-2014)
Sienna (2011-2017)

The average speed of 3G is 3 megabits per second (Mbps). This means 30 times a higher speed than the average speed of 2G: 100 kilobits per second. However, speeds of 7Mbps could sometimes be achieved by some 3G connections.

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