Justice League: Did Ben Affleck Hate The Project?

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You read that correctly. Ben Affleck was dissatisfied with Justice League.  Ben himself delivered the comment, but then why would he make such a remark? Hang on, you don’t have to worry about it since we’re here to guide you through it. So let us not waste any more time and get right into the topic of this week. Keep an eye on us to find out everything there is to discover.

For an exceptional interview a few days ago, Ben Affleck shared a significant opinion. It appears that the actor was dissatisfied with his performance in the film. We’re all aware Justice League was somewhat of a drama, but the crowd is astonished and amazed to learn that Ben Affleck shares their sentiments!

Why did he hate it?

As per Ben, he had a negative reaction to the movie. He even went so far as to declare it would be his worst professional experience. The contentious declaration has undoubtedly shook the DC Universe as a whole.

Evidently, the actor provided evidence to back up his claim. He admitted to the public that his mental state and private life were not in order when he was filming Justice League. He didn’t go into depth about it, but it was very certainly related to his separation from Jennifer Garner. Not to mention that the actor was often heavily inebriated at the time. Autumn, Zack Snyder’s daughter, died unexpectedly, numbing the actor. He ended his remarks by noting that that period of the year was particularly difficult for him and that he won’t want to return to that point in his life.

Since that Ben Affleck has said it, we all know that the Justice League’s workload was a little too much for him. He must have gone through a lot both emotionally and physically throughout the filming.

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