Coraline 2: Is A Sequel Finally On Its Way?

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Coraline is a brilliant film, and you don’t even need to like animation to enjoy it. This stop-motion adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name was a critical and commercial success. The blend of foreboding atmosphere and curiously relevant themes like abandonment, acceptance, and the quest for identity won over many viewers of all ages. Fans of the 2009 film are eager to know whether a sequel, Coraline 2, will be released in 2022. Do we already have a trailer and premiere date for Coraline 2?

There will not be a sequel to Coraline released in 2022. Not going to happen. A release date or official trailer for it has not yet been announced. Almost everything you read or see about this film’s release or trailer online is false. Author Neil Gaiman tweeted that a sequel to his novel Coraline will not be made (several times). He’s moved on to other things since he knows he can’t surpass the popularity of the first book and movie.

A sequel to Coraline will not be made, and now you know why. The author has made it clear on several occasions that this will not occur in his lifetime, thus we can safely assume that it will never occur in the year 2022. There must be some truth behind the many hoaxes, false trailers, photos, and other leaks that have been circulating. Stay with us if you’re curious and read on!

Is a sequel to “Coraline” in the works?

Neil Gaiman, the author, has unfortunately verified this several times. In March of this year, to be precise. A fan posted an image of the Coraline 2 rumor with the message “is this real?” to which he promptly responded, “no.”

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