Battlefield 2042: There’s No New Content Until March 2022

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Battlefield 2042 was not really a success in 2021, and it seems that EA is not making the situation better. According to leaks on the internet, the game won’t receive any new content until March 2022.

Battlefield 2042 is currently on the ‘mostly negative’ score – more than 77.000 negative reviews on Steam, and only 33% being positive. We know things didn’t start fresh for the game, but developers from EA and DICE have promised to make it better with the new installment in the series. They’ve already addressed many bug fixes and glitches.

But it looks like fans are about to be let down again as a new data mined leak suggests that the game won’t be receiving its first season or any new content until March 2022.

This is a leak, and it comes from temporyal, who’s a well-known data miner in this community. He stated that there are 12 pre-season weeks that are included in Battlefield 2042. This actually suggests that EA and DICE don’t have any new content prepared until March 2022. But it is still possible that some of the pre-season weeks that are included could be a backup, and that developers won’t make us wait that long.

We’ve also heard that we’re getting a new map in Season 1, and its name is “Exposure”. The new map will be based on a Canadian-US research facility base. Of course, there’s plenty more to wait for in the first season, and we’re waiting to hear more about it.

However, what we’ve given you today are leaks and rumors, so make sure you take it with a pinch of salt. We’re waiting for an official statement from the studio.


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