Nintendo Games to Be Released to PC? There’s a Possibility

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The gaming universe is a strange place, and we know there’s more than this. Many things can happen, and it seems that a new link shows us the unbelievable.

Days Gone and God of War, for example, was only released for PlayStation in the beginning. Eventually, it was released for PC. Sony did it, so will Nintendo also do it for its games?

The new leak have given us info on a new Nvidia GeForce datamine that shows two Nintendo titles, which can be part of a “multiplatform project”.

The leak was first seen on Reddit, and it talks about a possible portability of Nintendo to PC for a new project. We know that Nintendo is strict when it comes to its games and leaks are a no-go, so this leak seems a bit impossible, but let’s see what’s all about.

The two Nintendo games are “New Super Mario Bros. Wii” and “Mario + Rabbids”. It has been said that it could come to PC. But it has also been said that these two games were only used for test purposes, and that they won’t be released for the public.

But we should also take into account another perspective: a new Nvidia GeForce leak showed that GTA Trilogy and God of War might be released on PC, as well. So now, we’re just waiting for more info on that, hopefully, from official sources.

We don’t know what to say about this. Nintendo might not do it – because why would they, the company is doing great as they are now. As of now, we’re taking it all with a pinch of salt, and we’re waiting for more official news.

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