Disaster at the Waukesha Christmas Parade: 5 Dead, 40 Injured

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Source: foxnews.com

An SUV has ridden into the Waukesha Christmas Parade, killing five people. Forty others are injured.

Just before midnight, the City of Waukesha has posted about the total casualties: “At this time, we can confirm that five people are deceased and over 40 are injured,” the statement said. “However, these numbers may change as we collect additional information.”

11 adults and 12 children were rushed to the hospital

Around 4:39 pm, a red SUV broke into the parade barriers and went west on Main Street. The vehicle hit more than 20 people. Some were children. Some died on the impact. An officer used his weapon at the red SUV to try to stop it. No bystanders were hurt.

There is one video of the SUV showing the car taking the parade route, going left, behind the Black Shirt Band from the Waukesha South High School. The dance team was hit.

One of the fathers stated: There were pom-poms and shoes and spilled hot chocolate everywhere. I had to go from one crumpled body to the other to find my daughter. My wife and two daughters were almost hit. Please pray for everybody. Please pray. My family is safe, but many are not. I held one little girl’s head in my hand, she was seizing, and she was bleeding out of her ears. I held her mother as she collapsed. Please pray.”

Another group hit was the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, formed out of members with ages between the early 50s to mid-70s.

Another person injured is a Catholic priest, along with many other parishioners and Waukesha Catholic school children.

Eyewitnesses say it all happened so fast, and they couldn’t really realize what was happening at that moment. It wasn’t until they started to hear screams.

We will keep you updated once we learn more.



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