Animal Kingdom: Is Season 6 the Last Season?

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Animal Kingdom has managed to grow a fanbase every since day one. The crime drama comes with plenty of family matters and weekly troubles. The series is about Janine “Smurf” Cody, who raises a family of criminals. They will do whatever it takes to have a good life, even if that means they have to steal or to put the life of the youngest in danger. Joshua “J” Cody is Smurf’s grandson, and after the death of his mother and Smurf’s daughter, he became part of the gang.

We get to see more of Smurf’s youth, how she forms her own gang, how she sells drugs, launders money, or even murder to competition. It’s quite interesting.

The series has been renewed for the sixth and final season. We’re here to tell you everything we know about it.

So when’s the release date?

The final season will get here in 2022. According to IMDb, the series usually makes its appearance as a summer program on TNT. The episodes air from May to August. But things changed for season 5 when we got the episodes from May until October 2021. But if we are to take a look at the pattern, Animal Kingdom might be back Sundays at 9 PM EST, during May 2022.

What about the cast?

As of now, we have no official details about changes in cast or even about new additions. The main characters will be back for the final season, that’s for sure. Leila George might also be back as the younger Smurf. Smurf’s sons, played by Shawn Hatosy, Jake Weary, and Ben Robson, will also return.

What will the final season be about?

As you know, the police have already found out about Catherine Blackwell’s body, Baz’s wive. Catherine is killed in Season 1, and with her being discovered now, we’re bound for a great ride.

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