Apex Legends Comes With a New Map Full of Surprises

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It seems that the brand new Apex Legends Storm Point map that will soon arrive in Season 11 is the biggest one so far, and we’re excited! There’s something special about the design process, and we’re here to tell you everything.

The new map to constantly evolve

A new thing coming to Season 11 is the new tropical-themed Battle Royale map, called Storm Point. This is the biggest map to make its appearance here ever – 15% bigger than World’s Edge.

You can find Storm Point on planet Gaia, as it was once the energy colony for the IMC. Many wanted to create a home on Storm Point, but spiders made it impossible.

We think fans will be delighted to try this new map. The new Gravity Canons will allow you to rotate in a different way and to escape if an enemy is close. We know, we know, it’s annoying that the Gravity Canon can help your enemy disappear, but it also helps you do that, so we call that a win.

You will also enjoy a different way to collect loot. Get your tactics together cause shooting the spiders or putting them on your enemy is a really good thing.

Storm Point is a very beautiful place, the island is worth our time, even if there are endless battles happening all the time. But the most incredible thing about it is that it was designed to evolve with the game’s live service updates for years. The previous maps were designed with “an only time” in mind. The updates will also be less destructive in nature but more additive in it.


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