Interstellar 2: Was A Trailer Released For The Sequel?

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Interstellar is considered to be one of the finest science fiction films ever made. The film is still regarded as one of the most famous films of all time. Everyone was hoping for a sequel to the film, but there has been no news on this. Fans haven’t given up hope and are still hoping for a future sequel to Interstellar to be released. Lately, star Matthew McConaughey commented on a possible upcoming sequel to Interstellar. Although the actor did not explicitly allude to Interstellar 2, he has made some fascinating observations about the film in general.

Interstellar 2 “Trailer”

Recently, Matthew McConaughey participated in a commercial for the software company Salesforce. During the Super Bowl, the ad was shown on television. The spot was created to make viewers think of it as a preview for Interstellar 2. The actor was a part of the spot and appeared in it as an astronaut. The dialogue’s goal was to raise public awareness of the need of protecting the environment. Recently, the actor acknowledged that he intended for some fans to assume that the video is in fact a preview for Interstellar 2, according to a recent interview.

Although the advertising was most definitely not a preview, fans are still eager for an Interstellar follow-up to be released in the future. However, the likelihood of a sequel is small, since filmmaker Christopher Nolan has said that he has no intentions to make a sequel to the renowned science fiction film.

The plot centered on Joseph Cooper, a NASA pilot who was the main character. In the film, the astronauts attempt to preserve humanity by flying via a wormhole near Saturn in order to locate a new home for humankind on another planet. Fans and reviewers alike were very positive about the film. Four Academy Awards were given to the picture. Interstellar is still regarded as one of the greatest science fiction films of all time. However, it is unclear whether or not there will be a sequel to Interstellar, since writer Christopher Nolan has already claimed that the film is intended to be a single film rather than a trilogy. As a result, the prospects of seeing a sequel to Interstellar are quite remote.

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