EA is Working on New ‘Star Wars’ Projects, Respawn Confirms

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When you say ‘Star Wars,’ you practically say much more than just the legendary sci-fi movies directed by George Lucas, and that started way back in the ’70s. Star Wars is an unfathomable legacy, and it shall continue likewise. There are numerous movies, spin-offs, games, toys, figures, t-shirts, and many more personalized products that carry the ‘Star Wars’ brand.

How many video games are there with Star Wars, regardless of the platform used for playing them? The answer might leave you speechless: over 100. While some of those games are based directly on the Star Wars films, others rely mostly on the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

When will EA release new Star Wars games?

Vince Zampella, the Respawsn boss, has revealed that Electronic Arts (EA) is working on new Star Wars projects, as mp1st has spotted on Barron’s. The man explained, as mp1st quotes:

Things are going great. Apex [Legends] had a ton of competition last year. We weathered through that. This season did really well. We have another season coming out fairly soon. We’ve got stuff in development we’re not talking about. Some other Star Wars stuff too, which is exciting.

EA already has an impressive portfolio when it comes to developing Star Wars games, which means that the news shouldn’t surprise any of us. The company is most probably working on new Star Wars games or DLCs for titles that were already released. For instance, the company could bring expansions for games such as Star Wars Battlefront II (2017),  Star Wars: Squadrons (2020),  or  Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2019).

The information brought by Vince Zampella shouldn’t be neglected by anyone. He represents Respawn, which is one of the subsidiaries of EA. On the other hand, EA also has a strong reputation as a gaming giant, as it has been involved in creating many games that aren’t related to the iconic Star Wars franchise.


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