Blizzard to Change the Punishment for Gold Buyers: How Long Is the Ban Now

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Ever since day one, WoW has been among the most popular choices in terms of gaming. It’s mysterious, its gameplay is amazing, and the plots are everything. But it’s not all milk and honey. World of Warcraft has always had a problem: gold buying. And it seems to be getting out of hand, so Blizzard is looking for ways to solve this problem.

Last week, the Classical Season of Mastery was released, and we can experience Vanilla WoW again on the new servers. These servers don’t seem to have the problem of the gold sellers and buyers. Blizzard has come with a lot of changes for the gold farming spots in the Classic version of the game. The lead of WOW, Brian Birmingham, has talked about the concerns of players, with bots that get away without being punished, and having to deal with false positives.

He stated that they want to increase the punishment ban for gold buyers from 3 days to a longer period of time. They want to do it in the hope that it will prevent players from buying gold. The real issue stands with gold sellers – they should be stopped.

This entire gold thing can ruin the game, and it’s not fun for everyone. When most people buy gold, the others will also need to buy gold just to keep up, and the community will change.

We know that bots are a real problem, that has been here for so long, and Blizzard has tried to adapt and change the game, but bots always find their ways around Blizzard’s systems.

Right now, Blizzard is looking for ways to make sure that the gameplay is not ruined by gold sellers and gold buyers, and that every player can get the best experience out there.

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