YouTube TV Raises Prices to $73: Is It Still Worth It?

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The well-known television streaming provider YouTube TV recently stated that it will be raising its monthly subscription fee for new subscribers to $73, with the change beginning to be reflected in the invoicing of current customers beginning the next month. The price of the service was initially set at $35 per month when the firm launched in 2017, but it has since increased gradually, making it more expensive than some traditional cable providers.

Despite the fact that the price has gone up, YouTube TV still has several features that are exclusive to it. The benefits of the service include the opportunity to share the account with as many as five members of the same family and the provision of an unlimited number of DVR recordings. In addition, the monthly cost of the 4K add-on for YouTube TV has been reduced to $10, down from the previous monthly cost of $20.

The ability to conveniently share a membership with other members of your family as well as infinite DVR capabilities may make it worthwhile to pay the additional cost, despite the fact that some people may start looking for alternatives. Yet, the service does have a few downsides, one of which is that it does not include content from Major League Baseball.

Before deciding whether or not YouTube TV is still worth the increased cost, it is essential to examine both the benefits and the drawbacks of the service. Individuals who do not require all of the channels that are made available by YouTube TV have the option of subscribing to only those channels that they desire, which is a more cost-effective choice.

In general, despite the fact that the new price rise is very significant, YouTube TV continues to provide certain one-of-a-kind perks that may convince some customers that the service is well worth the money they pay for it. But, before deciding whether or not to continue using the service, it is essential to take into account the viewing patterns and requirements that are unique to yourself.

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