Google Confirms Android Will Soon Get eSIM Transfer Feature

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Android will soon gain an eSIM transfer feature. This feature will enable users to move their phone number as well as their subscription plan to a new device without having to contact a carrier or physically service the device. Although eSIM was first launched with the iPhone XS and XR, it was Apple and carriers that made it possible for users to more easily transfer their profiles. This feature is not yet accessible on Android. The new function will be introduced later on in this year, and it is possible that it may make its debut with Android 14. Deutsche Telekom, based in Germany, is the first mobile network operator to allow eSIM transfer on Android.

In addition to the eSIM transfer, Google intends to roll out a number of improvements to various services and applications that run on Android and Wear OS. They include the formerly Pixel-exclusive Magic Eraser option in Google Photos, which can erase undesired items and photobombers from images. This feature was previously only available on Google’s Pixel smartphones. Google Keep and Quick Pair are two further enhancements that have been made. Converting a real SIM card to an eSIM is another another eSIM capability that could become available if the service is fully implemented. Previous indications provided hints in this direction, but it has not been established for certain as of yet.

In general, these changes constitute a major advancement for anyone who use Android. They will have more mobility and convenience when it comes to moving their phone number and subscription plans across devices as a result of the availability of eSIM transfer. And with Magic Eraser, Google is making one of the most sophisticated picture editing tools available to a wider audience of Android users. It is still unknown when these functions will become available, but the news made by Google has most certainly piqued the interest of those who use Android.

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