Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Action Figure Shows Gohan Beast In All His Glory

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Credit: Toei Animation

Surely many raised an eyebrow when Gohan achieved his brand new transformation in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, as the movie didn’t bother explaining how exactly the Saiyan managed to tap into that form. But still, we all have to admit that the movie went straight into the Dragon Ball ‘Hall of Fame’ just for implementing two new powerful transformations for Gohan and Piccolo, respectively. In this way, the powers of the two warriors can rival the ones of Goku and Vegeta.

Gohan Beast, the name of the new transformation of Goku’s son, has now been recreated in the real world by SH Figuarts. We’re talking about a company that’s specialized in creating action figures and toys of characters from various anime such as Dragon Ball, Pokemon, and so on.

The design of Gohan Beast is relatively simple: longer hair that’s also white, as well as red eyes. The hairstyle of Gohan Beast is very close to the one of Vegeta. While we would like to know more about what exactly the transformation means, probably the next arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga, which will debut in December, will shed some light. That arc is set right before the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, so there’s a lot of hope!

We all have to admit that the Gohan Beast figure of SH Figuarts looks amazing. We can see that there is clearly some level of articulation in both arms and legs, although a full review will probably reveal even more details soon enough.

Dragon Ball will continue in 2023 with some exciting content. A continuation of the Dragon Ball Super anime is in the works, and it’s reasonable to expect that it will present the Moro arc from the manga. A lot of fans were craving to see that arc animated, and for good reasons. Moro is probably the strongest villain Goku and Vegeta ever had to face until that point.

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