The Number Of Downloads Of Nintendo’s Mobile Games Has Broken All Previous Records

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Nintendo is collaborating with the game developer DeNa on the development of a plethora of new mobile games. Following the commercial success of a number of Nintendo mobile games in the past, the newly formed Nintendo Systems division of the corporation will be developing new games that anybody can play.

This comes after a record number of people downloaded Nintendo mobile games across multiple platforms, including Android. This might be wonderful for the growth of mobile gaming, especially considering the huge improvements that are coming to games such as Mario Kart Tour.

According to Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa, the company’s mobile downloads are doing exceptionally well, making Nintendo the most successful gaming company in the world. Even after years of reports asserting that the corporation is failing to meet expectations, this does not appear to be a concern for the company.

As of the month of November 2022, Nintendo mobile games have been downloaded a total of more than 800 million times. The mobile games that were developed by the developer have been downloaded more times than the total number of hardware units that the company has ever sold across more than 160 countries.

There has been one game that stands out among all of Nintendo’s mobile releases, and that game is Super Mario Run. The Japanese firm has had a lot of success with the mobile version of the gacha game Fire Emblem Heroes. It is by far the most successful game they have launched.

In the first few months of this year, earnings from the gacha game surpassed one billion dollars. Heroes, the most successful game ever released by Nintendo, has proven critical not just in bringing in income for the company but also in rekindling interest in the company’s mainstream console series.

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