WWE 2K23: Was The Game Cancelled?

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As of mid-October, there has been no official confirmation of WWE 2K23, but this can only be seen as excellent news from 2K’s perspective. Even though there have been rumors that Electronic Arts was in talks to acquire the property this year, 2K must still be in charge as the next game isn’t expected until spring of 2023. In the following, we’ll take a closer look at that rumored release window, as well as summarize the anticipated WWE 2K23 cast, first trailer release, and more.

It’s the biggest mystery of them all. Visual Concepts rebounded from the failure of WWE 2K20 with WWE 2K22, which included improved controls, a more intuitive interface, and a host of visual enhancements. Patches released after its initial 3.5-star rating on GR have improved it even further.

Post-release speculation suggested, however, that WWE had in fact severed connections with 2K, with 2K22 serving as the series’ final installment. It was reported in March by Fightful, a wrestling publication, that WWE had met with Electronic Arts. New CEO Stephanie McMahon was effusive in her praise of the most recent release on the company’s May financial call, but she made no mention of WWE 2K23.

The tweet beneath, however, suggests that 2K and Visual Concepts are confident that WWE 2K23 is ready for release:

Traditionally, WWE simulation games were place right before the holidays. The terrible reception WWE 2K20 received led to the decision to scrap WWE 2K21. The release time for WWE 2K22 was shifted to occur just before WrestleMania, the largest event in the wrestling calendar. Expect the same with WWE 2K23.

On Friday, March 11, 2022, three weeks before WrestleMania 38 takes occur on April 2-3, 2022, WWE 2K22 was released. If previous years are any indication, we may expect WWE 2K23 to be released on Friday, March 10, 2023, exactly three weekends before WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles.

Who can we expect to see in WWE 2K23?

Tons of brand new blood. Visual Concepts did an excellent job with the downloadable content for WWE 2K22 by including several new faces whose ascension to Raw or Smackdown happened late in the production cycle. So long as they’re still employed by the WWE before the new year, Omos, Rick Boogs, Doudrop, and Commander Azeez will all be playable characters in WWE 2K23 from day one. After Bray Wyatt makes his return to WWE in October 2022, he should also return.

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