Ted Lasso: When Is Season 3 Coming Out?

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Season 3 of Ted Lasso is in production. Filming for the third and maybe final season of the critically acclaimed and Emmy-winning Apple TV Plus comedy has concluded, so we may soon see Ted, Rebecca, Roy Kent, and the rest of the AFC Richmond group again.

The team’s return to the Premier League and Nate’s departure to coach West Ham provide lots of excitement and humor. But when can we anticipate the rest of the new season, and what will it include? Unfortunately, official information is scarce, but luckily, Jason Sudeikis and other showrunners have dropped hints in recent months. Here, we explore all the rumors and breaking news concerning Ted Lasso season 3, including when it will premiere and more.

Release date

There is currently no confirmed date for the release of Ted Lasso Season 3, but if the show’s production cycles are any indication, fans can expect it to arrive soon after filming concludes.

Production on what will be the third season began in March of 2022 and appears to be ongoing. The second season was available on Apple TV Plus just six months after filming began. There have been no announcements of a September or October release, but this is consistent with a possible release in late 2022. Once scheduled for summer 2022, the time has long ago passed. An early 2023 release is therefore more likely and within the realm of possibility.

What happens next?

Both Ted’s professional and personal lives came to an end at the end of season two. Despite his success in returning AFC Richmond to the big time he was forced to part ways with his longtime faithful Diamond Dog Nate. Much of the conflict this season will stem from the breakdown of that friendship and Nate’s transition into his new position at West Ham. The actor who plays Nate, Nick Mohammed, recently told the BBC that the redemption storyline isn’t a given.

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