Bloodborne New Leaks: We Have Bad News For The Fans

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With the release of the latest Bloodborne update, a trustworthy leaker managed to break everyone’s hearts. Continue reading for further information.

It goes without saying that everyone is yearning for a PC version of Bloodborne. Even though it’s one of the greatest games ever made, the PS4 version of the game ran like garbage. In spite of the many, many rumors that a remaster or PC version is on the way, we recently received some disappointing news.

It Is Highly Unlikely That Bloodborne Will Be Released On PC.

Someone known as “Omnipotent” on online discussion boards such as ResetEra or Reddit is the source of this leak. He is without a doubt the most trustworthy leaker for everything having to do with FromSoftware. He revealed everything, and I do mean everything, including information on a game that had not yet been released by the makers. Therefore, we put our faith in what he has to say.

While I don’t know every detail of everything, and some things I’ve known far more about than others, I’ve never come across anything being done with Bloodborne. Sequel, Remaster, PC port, even a patch. Never have I heard a peep about anything.

According to him, FromSoftware is not working on anything related to Bloodborne, which would imply that there will be no remaster or PC version of the game. This is an exact transcription of what he said:

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On the most recent episode of the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, infamous and well-known journalist and leaker Jeff Grubb appeared as a guest. And among numerous other things, he quickly discussed Bloodborne, stating that FromSoftware is too busy working on Elden Ring to develop a new release of Bloodborne. This was just one of the many things that he discussed.

Grubb also highlights something that is frequently remarked about the game, which is that the source code of Bloodborne is too hard to be approached by another developer, such as Bluepoint for instance, outside the assistance of FromSoft.

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