The Fans Are Craving for a Remake of The Legend of Dragoon

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Even though The Legend of Dragoon is an RPG launched more than two decades ago, fans are craving a remake even today. The game came out in 1999, to be more precise, and it was available exclusively for the first PlayStation console. Since the latest PlayStation consoles are light-years more advanced than the original PlayStation that came out in 1994, the fans want the remake of The Legend of Dragoon for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

What’s weird is that there has never been a sequel to The Legend of Dragoon. The fans have been expecting it for about two decades. But you know what they say that it’s better late than never.

Help Dart Feld in his dangerous journey!

The Legend of Dragoon is about the adventures of Dart Feld and his struggle through a world where he has to deal with Dragoons, meaning ancient dragon warriors. The world is threatened by extremely evil forces, so there’s no time to waste!

Here’s what The Legend of Dragoon Wiki has to tell us:

The main characters in The Legend of Dragoon are also the titular Dragoons. While there are nine playable characters and eight Dragoon Spirits, there will never be more than seven selectable characters at one time. Due to storyline events, Lavitz and Shana are replaced by Albert and Miranda, respectively. Both acquire the stats of the character they replace. The final party will consist of Dart, Rose, Albert, Haschel, Meru, Kongol, and Miranda.

Since Sony was the publisher responsible for The Legend of Dragoon back in 1999, surely we have strong reasons to believe that the game has to be recreated or receive a sequel at some point for PlayStation consoles. Where there’s a request from the fans, it’s obviously in the best interest of the other side to comply.

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