Donatella Versace’s Secret Son: Who Is Daniel Versace?

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Among the most illustrious names in the fashion industry, Daniel Versace belongs to the Versace family. Over the last almost half a century, the name Versace has been universally associated with high-end apparel and accessories. Though he is well-known because of his family name, he has avoided the business in favor of pursuing his passions.

These days, rock music is what Daniel Versace is most known for. Despite the fact that he is working in a completely different genre of art than that for which his family is famous, he has already made a name for himself. After Gianni Versace’s death, he did not share in the family company as his sister did. Before starting a career in rock, the singer changed his surname from Versace to Beck. Rumor has claimed he did this to ensure his music wouldn’t benefit too much from the success of the Versace brand. It has been said that he now lives in London, United Kingdom.

Unlike the rest of his family and, to a lesser degree, his extended relatives, Daniel had little interest in the latest fashion trends. However, he developed a passion for music at an early age and studied piano with the great artist Elton John, a personal friend of the Versaces. The young musician followed his passion for making music and playing instruments by deciding to pursue a career in music. Now he’s a major star in the music industry. Donatella’s mom has been a huge cheerleader for his professional path.

An estimated $8 million dollars are the musician’s assets. His musical success and the art treasures he inherited from his uncle Gianni have helped him amass such a fortune. Conversely, his mom is worth an estimated $400 million.

As a 1990 baby, Daniel Versace is 32 years old now. The exact day and month are uncertain, though. But it has been established that he is of Italian descent and was born in Reggio, Calabria. On the suburbs of Milan, Italy, is where he spent his childhood. Paul Beck and Donatella Versace are the proud parents of their son, Daniel. His uncle is Gianni Versace, the founder of the fashion house and a victim of the 15th of July, 1997, assassination attempt. His father, an American fashion model, wed Donatella in 1983, but their marriage lasted only until 2000. There is an elder sibling in Daniel’s family called Allegra. After Gianni passed away, she inherited half of the business.


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