Sheryl Crow’s Net Worth in 2022 is Impressive

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Sheryl Crow has an impressive musical career, as it dates back to the 1980s. She is famous for hit songs such as ‘Real Gone,’ ‘Soak Up the Sun,’ ‘All I Wanna Do,’ and much more. Her music can usually be included in genres such as pop, folk, rock, blues, and country.

Sheryl Crow’s music is very appreciated, as she even won 9 Grammy Awards during her career. Given her talent and success, it was obvious that she would also gather an impressive net worth.

Sheryl Crow’s annual income: $6.53 Million

Thanks to The Tech Education, we can now see some actual numbers when it comes to the incomes of Sheryl Crow. In a nutshell, she is extremely rich, and you could even consider her to be financially independent. She earns $6.53 million per year. For a month, she easily receives in her account over $500,000 – $544,444.44, to be more precise. Sheryl Crow certainly cannot complain about her weekly income, either, as she earns $125,641.03 for such a period of time.

But we’re far from done with the impressive statistics regarding Sheryl Crow’s incomes. The famous musician also earns $745.81 per hour. That’s over 100 times the minimum wage in the US. Sheryl also earns $12.43 every minute and $0.21 every second. Her earnings also translate to the amount of $17,899.54 for a single day.

In her love life, Sheryl Crow hasn’t been as lucky as she was in her musical career. She never got married, although she was in relationships with a few celebrities: Eric Clapton, Owen Wilson, and more. Sheryl also doesn’t have children, but she did adopt a few.

Sheryl Crow is now 60 years old, as she was born on February 11, 1962, in Kennett city in the American state of Missouri. Unsurprisingly, both her parents were musicians.

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