Fortnite Dragon Ball: New Series Of Challenges With Exciting Rewards

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After weeks of anticipation, the Dragon Ball x Fortnite crossover is here. It’s shaping up to be one of the most significant partnerships in the game’s nearly five-year existence. There’s a lot going on, and you can learn about it all in our comprehensive Fortnite Dragon Ball coverage, which includes details like a Creative mode takeover and a means to watch Dragon Ball without leaving the game. The Dragon Ball Power Unleashed Quests, or more often, the Fortnite Dragon Ball challenges, will be the main lure for the vast majority of players. Over the course of the competition’s two weeks, many more will be added to the game. This article has all the details on the latest Fortnite challenges, the Dragon Ball ones.

  • Challenges

The first two of seven waves of challenges are available now. The requirements to obtain a Dragon Ball increase with each wave, and you must finish the vast majority (but not necessarily all) of the tasks in a given wave. With the seven Dragon Balls you’ve collected, you can call upon Shenron, or a free glider that looks quite similar to them. This means that even the most dedicated players will have to wait for new challenges to be added to the game in order to obtain the glider on launch day.

However, completing all tasks will improve your power level and grant you access to extra free cosmetics in the Power Unleashed Quest rewards tree, which functions similarly to a battle pass. Detailed explanations of each swath of tests follow; we’ll update this post as more Power Unleashed Quests become available.

  • Rewards

Gaining access to the Shenron glider for completing the Power Unleashed rewards track and collecting all seven dragon balls is just the beginning. If you complete enough challenges and increase your power level to 120M, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Boosting Ki emote
  • Bulma’s Wink emoticon
  • Charging Up emote
  • Dragon Radar back bling
  • Five battle pass levels
  • Fusion! spray
  • Smiling Goku emoticon
  • Super Saiyan Blue Goku spray
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