Tom Sturridge’s ‘Frightened’ As He Takes On Sandman Role

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The Sandman, a brand-new fantasy drama produced by Netflix, debuted this past week and has already caused quite a stir among viewers. Tom Sturridge, who plays Dream, has acknowledged that he was originally concerned about possible criticism from viewers, despite the fact that the feedback has been largely favorable.
The comic book series of the same name that was penned by Neil Gaiman and first published in 1989 is being adapted for the big screen as The Sandman.

The Sandman, also recognized as Morpheus, The Master of Dreams, served as the protagonist of this television series. His absence, which lasted for seven decades due to his imprisonment, triggered a chain of events that irrevocably altered both the waking world as well as his dreaming universe. Dream was compelled to go on a perilous trip across several universes and time periods in order to put an end to the mayhem that his absence produced. Dream, who held the position of Lord of the Realm, was also a part of the Endless family, which belonged to a much bigger clan.

His whole family was composed of eternal creatures who each presided over their respective domains. Despite the fact that Dream and his seven siblings are shown in the comic book, Destruction and Delirium Destiny do not make an appearance in the first ten episodes.

Tom, who plays Sandman, said that he was nervous about how viewers of the program would respond, despite the fact that the show has gotten a lot of positive feedback.

Everyone has passionate opinions about the character, and so I’m frightened to live up to those opinions and ideals. But at the same time, one of the things that I think is key to Dream is his sense of responsibility.


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