Android 12 Arrives for LG G8X ThinQ in Stable Form

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Google’s Android 12 update continues to be distributed towards phones, and it’s somewhat understandable. Android 13 will arrive in a few months as well, which means that older versions of Google’s operating system for mobile phones until 12 should become pretty rare.

LG G8X ThinQ is a fairly decent phone. Released in late 2019, this gadget carries a Snapdragon 855 chipset, six gigs of RAM, a battery of 4,000mAh, and the list of interesting features is much longer. Therefore, most of us would agree that the phone clearly deserves its Android 12 update.

Android 12 is rolling out for LG G8X ThinQ in several European countries and India

According to, Android 12 is already rolling out for those owning an LG G8X ThinQ phone in a few European countries and India. However, you must keep in mind that we’re talking about the global variant of the phone, the one having LM-G850EMW as the model number. The software version of the update is V40a.

LG’s phone will receive pretty much all of the features present in Android 12. The wisest thing to do if you have an LG G8X ThinQ is to keep it connected to your router and arm yourself with some patience. The update should arrive for all phones in a matter of weeks for the worst-case scenario. If you don’t have the patience to wait a few that long, you also have the possibility to download, install, and put the LG BRIDGE tool to work.

If you haven’t used LG BRIDGE before, there’s no use getting too worried, as it’s very easy to handle! You can use LG BRIDGE for one of two reasons. You may want it for backing up and restoring content on the phone using your USB cable. The other scenario is that you may need a software update for the device.

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