Microsoft Defender 1.0.4311.0101 APK is Up for Download

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Using the internet with an unprotected device is surely a bad move nowadays, considering the huge amount of cyber threats that exist out there. Our laptops and desktop PCs are far from being the only machines that require protection against malware and other forms of online attacks.

That’s why Microsoft offers the Microsoft Defender app, as it’s a nice software to keep you and your work protected. You can use it on mobile devices as well. Microsoft Defender 1.0.4311.0101 APK is now up for grabs via APKMirror for Android users, and you should surely consider giving it a try if you’ve used the software already!

There are four APK files to choose from for the new download, and all of them require that your phone runs on at least Android 6. Before deciding which one of the download versions suits your needs the most, you can go ahead and consult the FAQ section of the website.

What’s new in Microsoft Defender 1.0.4311.0101?

If you’re also asking yourself what’s new in Microsoft Defender 1.0.4311.0101, you must know that we’re asking ourselves the same question! There are no patch notes exposed so far, which means that downloading the update is the best way to unveil the mystery. There’s no need to worry, as the update files are very small! The first download variant, for instance, requires only 25MB of free space from your Android device!

Here’s a relevant description of the software via the Google Play Store:

Microsoft Defender is a unified online security app for your work and personal life. Microsoft Defender for individuals provides online security for your personal life. For work, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint helps organizations around the world stay more secure.

Sign-in with your personal account1 to access features for Microsoft Defender for individuals. Sign-in with your work2 account to access features for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Feel free to leave us a comment after you install Microsoft Defender 1.0.4311.0101!

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