She-Hulk Leaked to the Public?

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During a live stream of Marvel’s Avengers on Xbox’s official Twitch channel, the host accidentally told viewers that She-Hulk would be in the game.

Techniq, a guest host on an official Xbox Stream where the lead designer of Marvel’s Avengers was talking, said that he knows the voice actress for She-Hulk in the game. Since there is no She-Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers right now, Techniq revealed a big secret about the game’s content.

When Techniq revealed such shocking information about Marvel’s Avengers, the game’s lead designer, Brian Waggoner, took control of the conversation by saying that they had nothing to say about the next hero in Marvel’s Avengers and would like to just celebrate the launch of Jane Foster, who is the most recent character that was added to the game.

Even though Crystal Dynamics hasn’t confirmed She-Hulk yet, we already know that the She-Hulk TV show will air on Disney Plus in August 2022. This would be an excellent time for Marvel’s Avengers to talk about She-Hulk and then maybe add the superhero as a playable character.

Mighty Thor, the fifth post-launch hero for Marvel’s Avengers, came out on June 28 from Crystal Dynamics. Mighty Thor is the fourth playable female character in Marvel’s Avengers, after Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, and Black Widow. If She-Hulk comes out in the future, that could make it five.

Even though the Embracer Group recently bought Crystal Dynamics, there hasn’t been a big change in the state of Marvel’s Avengers content after launch.

The studio is still proud to support the game and add new content. However, there is no official roadmap for the game right now, and a recent report from Forbes says that Crystal Dynamics doesn’t have any plans for a new map.

Unreal Engine 5 is being used by a separate team at the studio to make the next version of Tomb Raider. The studio is also helping Microsoft’s The Initiative make Perfect Dark.

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