Red Dead Redemption 2 Might Become Available On Nintendo Switch In The Near Future

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Credit: Rockstar Games

The open-world video game Red Dead Redemption 2, which was developed by Rockstar Games and released in October 2018 remains a favorite of video game lovers. Reports are now already circulating that Red Dead Redemption 2 might also be released for the Nintendo Switch gaming platform.

The hypothesis presented in the article described above is based on the statements made by two gaming journalists. One of these is Stephen Totilo, who said in 2021 that he had knowledge regarding Rockstar Games making a Nintendo Switch version of RDR2 and that he had shared this information with others. This assertion was made around the same time that he also indicated that the Grand Theft Auto trilogy is in the process of being developed.

According to a different journalist by the name of Nacho Requena, there will be a new Nintendo Direct presentation showing later this year in the month of June, and it will be centered on third-party titles. According to him, it would also have a game that is four years old. This year marks the fourth anniversary of Rockstar’s hit game, Red Dead Redemption, so it’s possible that the game in question is the sequel.

It is obvious that this is all guesswork, and no one should get their hopes up about it till there is some real proof of it, but it does appear that certain things might be falling into place in a rather favorable manner.


The events of Red Dead Redemption 2 take place in the United States in the year 1899, and they continue the story of notorious bandit Arthur Morgan and his association with the Van der Linde gang. In addition to receiving over 250 flawless ratings, Red Dead Redemption 2 was honored with more than 175 Game of the Year awards. The game’s basic version may be purchased through Steam for a price of 29.99 euros, while the Ultimate Edition can be purchased for an additional 6 euros.



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