Charli D’Amelio Is No Longer The Most-Followed Content Creator Of TikTok

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TikTok merely made its debut on the worldwide market in September 2017, despite the fact that it may already seem as if it has been there for an eternity. After just a few short months, the application has risen to the position of the most popular free app in a number of different nations. By June of 2018, it had reached third place in the United States, behind only Facebook and YouTube. The smartphone app, which at one point let users to post short clips of up to 15 seconds long of almost anything, was responsible for bringing unanticipated success to a number of content producers. Among them was Charli D’Amelio, who had maintained her position as the TikToker with the most followers for over two years.

Charli, who is just 18 years old at the moment, created her first TikTok account in May of this year. She has more than 41 million followers as of March 2020, making her account the most followed on Instagram, surpassing Loren Gray’s. Charli’s success on TikTok, which she achieved by posting videos of herself dancing, has enabled her to start a career. She has done voiceover work for an animation movie, has a book, begun a podcast, and launched nail polish as well as makeup lines, all of which she has accomplished as a result of her use of TikTok.

Khaby Lame is the new king of TikTok

It has been clear for a number of months now that Charli would eventually fall from her position as the most popular user on TikTok, and this prediction has been realized. On June 22, 2022 content creator Khaby Lame, who was born in Senegal and is now 22 years old, surpassed Charli’s total number of followers on the platform. The comedian presently has 143.1 million followers, while Charli has a staggering 142.4 million. The comedian’s videos mostly consist of him criticizing so-called “life hacks” in silence.


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