Filming for The Last of Us Show Has Been Completed

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Production of the television version of The Last of Us, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, has come to a successful conclusion at HBO. Fans are now waiting with bated breath for the debut trailer and the release date.

The production of the game started in July of 2021, and Pedro Pascal was cast in the role of Joel, the primary protagonist throughout the first game. As the series progresses, Bella Ramsey will play the role of Ellie, who, as most viewers are aware, went on to become the primary protagonist of The Last of Us: Part II. Ramsey will represent Ellie for the whole of the series.

The remake

Fans of “The Last of Us” have had a very eventful week, as Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann revealed the existence of a part one remake on the opening night of Summer Game Fest. This news came as a surprise to attendees of the festival. Naughty Dog has re-built the first chapter in the series from the ground up and simply dubbed it “The Last of Us: Part I.” The game is scheduled to be released on September 2 for PlayStation 5 and a version for the PC is presently in the development stage.

Fans are keeping their fingers crossed that the release date for the HBO program will be close to the same time as the remake of the video game, which is scheduled to reach consoles in September, particularly given that production has been officially wrapped up.

On Saturday, June 11th, the writer and producer of the forthcoming HBO TV version of The Last of Us, Craig Mazin, came to Twitter to report that shooting had finally come to an end. During his speech at Summer Game Fest, Neil Druckmann did drop a few hints about the fact that shooting was nearing to an end. When questioned further about the release being in 2023, he also hinted at other announcements being forthcoming.

Due to the fact that Druckmann did not state unequivocally that the game will be made available the next year, many people questioned whether or not the release date would be moved forward to 2022, potentially to coincide with the launch of The Last of Us: Part I. Fans are, without a doubt, quite excited to receive their first look at the show in the first teaser that has been released.

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