Fortnite: Here’s How To Plant Saplings For This Week’s Challenge

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Planting saplings in the scorched craters dispersed over Island Artemis is a Fortnite mission for Week 8 of Chapter 3, Season 2. To complete this challenge, players must go to the battle-scarred bomb sites that remained after Fortnite’s season-long struggle between the Seven and the IO.

Players will need to keep a careful watch on their minimap in order to get the 20K XP payout for completing the challenge, even if it seems straightforward on paper. Fortnite’s ever-changing landscape puts players’ expertise to the test, and this mission motivates them to explore places with little in the way of helpful items. Players may use this guide to locate the bomb craters and the planting locations needed to complete the challenge.

This week marks the 8th week of Season 2 of Chapter 3, and there are presently five bomb crater clusters. To achieve the challenge, Loopers just need to visit one of the locations to discover three distinct places to plant seedlings.


  • Greasy Grove, The Daily Bugle, and The Joneses are all within a few miles of two craters each. It’s advised that players avoid the area northeast of the Daily Bugle until it’s fixed since there’s a problem preventing sapling spots from sprouting there.
  • Southwest of Greasy Grove is a good spot to plant saplings since the three planting sites are so close together. One may be discovered on the crater’s northern western border, another in the northeast, and a last one near the southern tip.
  • For obvious reasons, the trees at The Joneses are significantly more dispersed and harder to locate. Near a pond on the eastern end of the property, one may be discovered between a portable heater and a fallen tree for gamers in the vicinity.
  • Near Tumbledown Temple dirt route, just west of here, there’s another. On the southwest edge of the craters, amid some tree stumps, is the final sapling.
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