Behold Season Three Battle Pass Trailer for Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone

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If there’s one thing most of us agree on when it comes to war games, it’s that we want them to be as realistic as possible! Surely nobody likes the horrors of war deep down, but such games were inspired by real events, unfortunately.

The Call of Duty (COD) series is known for having some very immersive games that showcase the dreadful side of military conflicts, and it shall continue likewise for a lot of time! The series has numerous fans all over the world, and Vanguard & Warzone represent two of its most beloved titles.

Season three ‘Classified Arms’ launches on April 27

Those gamers who enjoy playing Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone have very little to wait until season three comes along. On April 27, it’s party time at a whole new level in the two beloved COD games!

Feel free to check out the trailer, which says more than a thousand words:

Hidden truths seem to represent a central aspect of the new update, and you surely should jump into the two beloved COD games as soon as possible if you’re a true fan! The update will most likely reveal some exciting stuff, as the presentation itself suggests.

If you’re also a fan of fantastic creatures arriving in war games, we’re glad to bring you good news! That’s exactly what the new COD update brings for the two games: a giant gorilla that seems to stand firmly in the face of bullets and other usual weapons. The trailer suggests that more powerful weapons than ever before will be used, which is nothing surprising. That gorilla looks tough, as you can see it as it stops a plane with its bare hands!

Will you be willing to give the new update a try? Feel free to tell us what you expect more from the expansion!

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