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If you remember watching Digimon while you were a kid, it means you had some great taste when it comes to anime series. It’s been more than two decades since the first episode of Digimon came to the big screens, and we’re happy to realize that some want to continue the legacy in one form or another even today.

Digimon Survive is the name of an upcoming hybrid visual novel and tactical RPG that will be made available for PC and consoles this year. Whether you prefer a powerful PC, a PlayStation 4, a PlayStation 5, an Xbox One, an Xbox Series X/S, or a Nintendo Switch when it comes to your gaming options, Digimon Survive will be available for them all!

Check out the official teaser trailer that just came out a few days ago:

Speaking about the fact that developing games isn’t actually like a walk in the park, especially in the last two years, a new article from Steam says more about Digimon Survive:

Bandai Namco originally announced Digimon Survive back in 2018, and it was likely in development for many years before that, this action-strategy twist on the monster-collecting franchise looks absolutely fantastic, which is why we’ve been so heartbroken to see it consistently get delayed, and its release date kicked further down the line. So when is the Digimon Survive release date now?

As expected, Digimon Survive will also be available via Steam, and it’s great to see that the famous gaming platform still gets a lot of love. To play a top game in 2022 usually requires a lot of hardware power, but we can hope that it won’t be the case with Digimon Survive, judging by the trailer. That can only delight us, as many more people will get to play the game even though they don’t have a powerful GPU mounted on their gaming gear.

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