Arcane: What Will Happen In Season 2?

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Arcane, the animated series produced by Riot Games, premiered in November of 2021 and is now airing on Netflix. Immediately after its debut on Netflix’s streaming platform, the program became an immediate success with viewers. The show’s fascinating plot, as well as its distinctive animation style, made a big impression on the audience. Not to mention the fact that the show’s character growth is on some other level altogether. After the first season of Arcane came to a close three months ago, fans from all over the world are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the release date for season two of the program.

Fans have every right to be excited about the upcoming season, especially given how the plot ended on such a major cliffhanger. Thanks to recent news regarding the launch date of Arcane Season 2, we have also learned more about the show’s cast and plotline, which is really exciting. In this post, we will mostly explore the Arcane Season 2 anticipated narrative of the season. So, without further ado, let us get down to business.


Some new sequences have been incorporated in the show’s teaser, which was just made available online. However, if we listen closely, we can hear the mechanized pulse of Warwick, the champion of League of Legends. Warwick is a werewolf who also happens to be a machine. But one thing we do know about him is that he is completely devoid of any recollection of his previous existence. The only thing he remembers is that he was created as a result of the experimentation of the scientist Singed.

We learned in the final episode that Jinx is planning something that might prove to be pretty troublesome. She fired a missile launcher at the municipal building in the season 1 finale, which was the final shot of the season. Meanwhile, the persons within the building were deciding on whether or not to declare Zaun a free city. However, if Jinx manages to demolish the structure, it may result in a battle between Piltover and Zaun.

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