Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: All You Need to Know (22 February)

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As you probably already know, the Destiny 2 weekly reset happens once a week. We expect more content, as we are eager to learn what more we’ll find from the Lore perspective. There will also be new weekly challenges to take part in.

Here is all you need to know about Destiny 2 weekly reset.

The Destiny 2 Weekly Reset was released on the 22nd of February. It will reset again, on the 1st of March.

Nightfall The Ordeal

This week, we’re having The Scarlet Keep.

The Crucible Rotator

  • Momentum Control: You can win if you capture zones and defeat your opponents. All of the weapons are more lethal here, and the abilities will replenish only with targets defeated. Also, the tracker is disabled.

Vanguard Burn

  • Void Singe

Europa Activities

  • Eclipsed Zone: Eventide Ruins
  • Empire Hunt: The Dark Priestess
  • Exo Challenge: Simulation Survival: you will need to survive the harsh weather, as well.

Legacy Activities

Moon – for this one you need the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Expansion

  • Wandering Nightmare: Nightmare of Horkis, Fear of Mithrax (Anchor of Light)
  • Trove Guardian is in Archer’s Line
  • Nightmare Hunt: Pride – Defeat Skolas
  • Nightmare Hunt: Anguish – Omnigul
  • Nightmare Hunt: Insanity – Fanatic

Dreaming City  – for this one, you need the Forsaken Expansion: Weak Curse

  • Petra can be found at The Strand
  • Ascendant Challenge: Forfeit Shrine, Gardens of Esila
  • Blind Well: Taken, Plague: Inomina

The Weekly Resets happen on Tuesdays. This is what basically changes every time:

  • Nightfall Strikes
  • Flashpoint
  • Crucible Playlists
  • Moon Activities (For Shadowkeep Owners)
  • Menagerie Boss
  • Dreaming City Curse Cycle (For Forsaken Owners)
  • Escalation Protocol Boss
  • Leviathan Raid Orders
  • Prestige Raid Lairs


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