Fortnite to Collab With Destiny for New Skins?

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Epic Games might come with a new Fortnite collab, but with a quite popular title from Bungie, Destiny.

The company is known for working with other developers in order to create magic in the gaming world. And since 2017, Fortnite has teamed up with plenty of video game developers, as well as sports stars and movie studios.

The most famous collabs have been between Harry Kane and Neymar Jr, and let’s not forget about Star Wars, DC, and Marvel studios. And now, we’ve learned that Epic Games wants to do a collab with Destiny for the Battle Royale title.

Epic Game asked: “Out of the following Video Games Characters, please select each one that you have definitely seen or heard of.” It’s quite clear what they’re trying to do. They are looking for the one that will attract fans’ attention, so they could add it to Fortnite.

There were plenty of choices, from Assassin’s Creed, to Mass Effect, to The Legend of Zelda. But Destiny was certainly the most popular, and these were the characters available for the selection:

  • Drifter
  • Titan
  • Hive
  • Failsafe

This survey was seen by an unofficial Destiny news account that’s known as Destiny Bulletin on Twitter.

We are not telling you that a Destiny collab is in the works – we do not know that for sure, but maybe they are taking it into consideration. As of now, we are waiting for official details from the gaming studio.

Destiny is an online multiplayer first-person shooter video game that was developed by Bungie. It was published by Activision, but since their separation back in 2019, the title is now self-published by Bungie.


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