Dying Light 2: When’s the Real Release Date?

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February is the month of video games: Horizon: Forbidden West, Elden Ring, Destiny: The Witch Queen and Dying Light 2: Stay Human will be released.

Dying Light 2 is a follow-up to the 2015’s survival horror game with the same name, and it’s bound to be something very different. It will have all we love from the first one – the creative combat, the undead and the parkour, while giving us new things, such as new systems. We are all excited about that, since we have a clear release date and time.

So when is the release date?

Dying Light 2 was delayed for some times, but it will soon be here. Sooner than expected, actually, on the 4th of February, 2022, on Friday.

When does the game become available?

We’ve learned from the official Discord server that the game will be released at midnight in each region. It will be available for PS4, PS5 and Xbox.

But if you plan on playing it on a PC, things change a bit:

  • 4 pm PST (Feb 3)
  • 6 pm CST (Feb 3)
  • 7 pm EST (Feb 3)
  • 9 pm BRT (Feb 3)
  • 12 am GMT
  • 1 am CET
  • 3 am MSK
  • 5:30 am IST
  • 9 am JST
  • 11 am AEDT
  • 1 pm NZDT

What about the preload details?

It has been confirmed that the game is available to preload on all major platforms. So you will be able to download the game now and play it as soon as it unlocks in your region. So make sure you stay tuned. We will update you here in case something changes.


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