The Kissing Booth: Will There Be A Fourth Movie

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Will there be a fourth Kissing Booth? Is the program being renewed for another season? Netflix has yet to respond to these inquiries. The previous installment of the Netflix movie ended on a significant cliffhanger. Will that gap, however, ever be closed? The audience is eager to learn more about the series. Will there ever be a Kissing Booth 4? Stay connected with us to find out all you need to know right here.

The first installment of the Kissing Booth series was released in 2018. Slowly and slowly, the rom-com series grew in popularity. The series’ youthful twists and turns were well received by the audience. Elle Evans and Lee Flynn were thoroughly probed. Their bond has been put to the test. Elle’s affections for Lee’s brother, Noah, astounded and astounded the viewers. Noah took a pause in the second installment of the series. He continued his education at Harvard.
Meanwhile, someone else was also vying for Elle’s affection. However, Noah and Elle were reconciled in the last installment of the movie franchise. Lee had love for Elle, but he quickly recognized and appreciated Elle’s affections for Noah. The three action-packed segments of the Netflix picture were adored by the crowd.

Will there be a fourth movie?

We don’t know if Kissing Booth 3 was the last installment in the Kissing Booth series. However, there’s no disputing that the public wants to learn more about Elle’s story. We want to follow Elle through her college years! The audience wants to see more of the movie. Will Netflix, however, bow into public pressure?
Sadly, no formal renewing news for Kissing Booth 4 has been made. There are still some gaps in the story. But we can’t deny that the last installment of the Kissing Booth series felt like the final installment of the trilogy. All of the elderly characters boarded the ship to say their last farewells. However, there are certain unanswered questions in the minds of the spectators.

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