Will There Be A Second Season For The Devil Is A Part-Timer?

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The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 has officially hinted at its release and broadcast dates. The Devil is a Part-Timer first season was one of the most-watched anime last year

Season 1 recap

There is a Demon Lord who sends his army to battle against other countries in order to take over the globe, but he is defeated by a Hero named Emili, and they fight a battle where the Demon Lord is certain to fail attempts to flee by entering another planet. Following him is his Demon General, who is pleased to be there with the Demon Lord. They turn humans, and shortly Hero Emilia, who has lost her abilities in a distant universe, joins them. Earth is a separate world. Because the demon ruler is weakening, people from their planet keep coming, believing they can conquer our world. Season 1 closes with Demon Lord recognizing everything he has done and apologizing.

When will season 2 be released?

The Devil is a Part-Timer is the only trailer released thus far. Season 2 has officially hinted at its release date and when it will show on the official networks. The program will premiere in July 2022. It will be released in mid-2022. The second season should include more characters and action. The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 will concentrate more on the Demon and Hero Emilia and the characters around them, as shown in the video. Sadao Maou, the Demon Lord’s actual identity, is a supervisor at a pizza parlor near his office building. His junior also fancies him and attempted to reveal her feelings to him in the first season, but he forgot about it. Maybe they’ll fall in love, battle, or defend the human planet from unforeseen perils. We may also learn about their native worlds and backstories.

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