Gta Online: What’s All the Fuss With Del Perro Pier

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Everyone has heard about Del Perro Pier in GTA Online. It appears a lot in the GTA 5 story mode while doing missions. It also appears at the end of the game if Franklin chooses the third ‘Deathwish’ option. But that’s not really why players go there. Some simply enjoy it as a location, some just like to roam around there. Here is all you need to know about this location, and why it is so popular.

There are plenty of areas in Los Santos: Little Seoul, Blaine County, Downtown, South Los Santos, Rockford Hills, or Vespucci Beach. And if they look quite familiar to you, it is because they are based on real-life neighborhoods from around L.A – South Central, Downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Koreatown, Venice Beach. And we can really understand why fans often go there, not only for missions, but also for taking walks, or taking pictures and posting them on the internet.

Just relax

The Del Perro Pier looks like Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles. It also looks like the Yacht Harbor in GTA San Andreas. And it is full of business. You have a closed aquarium and a car park, you’re near the beach, and there are a lot of things to see. There is also the Pleasure Pier amusement park, where you can go and ride the Leviathan rollercoaster, or enjoy the world from the Ferris wheel. The landscape looks great, if you’d like to take a walk instead. Players can look over the Pacific Ocean using one of the telescopes – overall, it’s pretty amazing for a day without missions.

There are some snack machines there, which are interactive. Many hope that we’ll receive a new update with other facet for this location. The arcade has a big potential for players to play games during their free time.

These are the businesses in Del Perro Pier

  • Sharkies Bites Restaurant
  • The Big Puffa Seafood Restaurant
  • Pearl’s Seafood Restaurant
  • Out Of Towners Restaurant
  • Lagoon’s Diner
  • Coast Cutters Souveniers
  • The Sea World Souvenirs
  • Burger Shot
  • Cluckin Bell
  • Cherry-Popper Ice-Cream
  • Cream Pie Deserts Company
  • Beefy Bill’s Burger Bar
  • Feed The Pony
  • Bang-A-Beaver
  • Soak and Spoke Board & Bike Rentals
  • LobStar
  • Bean Machine Coffee
  • Hung Drawn & Quarters Arcade

You can also check out the stores for beach items, like sunglasses. Unfortunately, none of these are available in GTA Online now.

Do the missions

The latest mission – the one that includes Del Perro Pier – is part of The Contract DLC. When you get to meet Dr. Dre, you will need to chase the robbers to the pier. One of the scenes takes place on Del Perro Pier, right next to the police post.

You can also race on a motorbike until you reach the Land Act Dam.

Be a tourist

Fans have taken very beautiful photos at the pier, and it shows that the destination is a treasure for tourists. It’s amazing both day and night. It’s quite evident why players love this location. As stated before, you can take walks, get ice cream, or simply…you know…kill other GTA players and take the boat on a ride. Everyone can find something to do here.

If you don’t want to visit Del Perro Pier during the day, then you’d be pleased to hear that during nighttime, it is even better. The lights bring it back to life every single night. Make sure you check them out if you want to take breaks from missions.


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