Will Omicron Be the Dominant Variant in the US? Probably Yes

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Source: nbcnews.com

Dr. Anthony Fauci has stated that Omicron will be the dominant strain soon – and soon is sooner than expected. Officials are urging people to get vaccinated, and also to get the boosters. “It is the most transmissible virus of Covid that we had to deal with those far. It will soon become dominant here. That’s one thing we know.” People who are eligible for a booster should get their doses. The biggest threat right now is the Omicron variant.

We’re looking at the pace of infection, and things look grim. They might get worse as the worst of winter will soon be here. And things could get bad, especially if people are not vaccinated.

It’s true, Omicron is more contagious, but it’s not as dangerous – it causes more mild diseases. Those who got the vaccine will be somewhat protected, and will not get hospitalized.

At least 77 countries fight Omicron, but the variant is surely even more widespread, so we’re expecting other countries to deal with it soon. Vaccines, together with masks and social distancing will keep us protected from the virus.

And that’s not all. The US is also facing a resurge of the Delta variant – as if Omicron was not enough. Fauci stated: “Delta is still a serious problem. I mean, we’re looking over our shoulder at omicron, which will assume a dominant role very soon, I would imagine within a period of a few weeks as we go into January. When you look at the delta that we’re dealing with right now, we’re having an increase in every parameter, an increase in cases, an increase in hospitalization and deaths are still at 1,100.”

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