5 Mobile Games To De-stress This Christmas

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If you’re looking for some stress relief, why not try some mobile games this Christmas? From puzzles to endless runners and everything in between, there’s something here to help you destress and have fun.

  • Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a mobile puzzle game where players have to manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess named Ida through mysterious monuments. The game offers relaxing meditative moments at all times. Monument Valley combines fun puzzles with beautiful graphics, creating a captivating gaming experience.

  • Tiny Tower

In Tiny Tower, you manage a tower block by adding floors and attracting residents. The residents stay in the block as long as they like (as long as their needs are met.) So if you want new residents, you’ll need to offer something they like. A salon might attract guys with good hair, but it won’t appeal to families.

There are multiple types of resident and plenty of ways to meet their needs. You can even get deliveries from outside businesses like restaurants and retail stores, which attract new residents with jobs. As your tower grows, you’ll open up new types of stores and businesses that attract different types of people. It’s a nice game that comes with a sense of achievement without taking too much of your time.

  • Tiny Bubbles

This bubble game is one of the most popular options in the Android Play Store. The users who have downloaded it so far have given it a 4.3-star rating. Tiny Bubbles is a cute and simple game, which allows you to pop bubbles on your device screen in an attempt to match three or more of them. You are supposed to navigate your way around different obstacles, in order to get some points. As you progress through the levels, it gets more challenging, but the game remains fun to play even at its hardest level.

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