Halo Infinite: Are We Finally Getting Double XP Weekends?

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There are plenty of players there who would like to get double XP weekends, but will it happen?

Halo Infinite is now full of players. The first multiplayer season, the beta season, to be exact, was welcomed by eager players. But the mode is not really what we’ve expected.

You first get XP for the Battle Pass progress, and you need to complete daily or weekly challenges. Players gave feedback, and developers listened. They changed something about it, and you now get 50 XP every time you play a match.

But what about double XP weekends?

As of now, there is no detail about double XP weekends, and there are no plans to change anything on the XP part. But they said that they are taking into account all of the feedback, so there’s a chance we might see double XP weekends in the future. Maybe when the full game launches, on the 8th of December, we will get more surprises.

Can I get double XP?

In order to do that, you will need to buy an XP boost or earn one with the help of the Premium Battle Pass. But there aren’t many to win. You get one every five levels, but the good thing is that they are free. If you want more, you will have to pay 200 credits. And you can only get 500 for $5, and you’ll only get 1 hour of double XP.

But are these boosts worth it?

If you already have them, why not use them? But if not, this whole thing is not really worth your money. Wait and see if you get them for free, and then use them, but that’s all.


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